Arcadia Spectacular, known colloquially as “Arcadia”, are a performance art collective that combines elements of sculpture, architecture, recycling, pyrotechnics, lighting, circus and music into large scale performance and dance spaces. Best known for their 50-tonne “Spider”, they rework ex-military machinery and industrial components into installations and 360-degree arenas, following a transformational and environmental ethos.

A permanent fixture at Glastonbury festival since 2007 with their own arena holding over 60,000 people, they have also toured the world bringing their shows to Miami’s Ultra Festival, Bangkok, Seoul, Taipei, Perth, New Zealand, and their 10th Anniversary festival in London.

Rob Blake has been composing music for Arcadia since 2015. Firstly, for their TPI award-winning show ‘Metamorphosis‘, then musically directing and performing in the 30-piece ‘Mechanical Orchestra‘. Following that came this collaboration, which was reported by the collective as having been ‘the most powerful experience in Arcadia’s history’.

  • Produce music around a solo vocal performance of an ancient song and dance by the Whudjuk Noongar tribe from Perth, Australia, titled ‘Yallor Keeninyara’. It is possibly one of the oldest known songs in history, as it has been passed down through countless generations of the tribe.
  • Tap into the meaning of the song and amplify its expression with modern technology, but pay utmost respect to the sensitive, timeless piece, and maintain its original distinction.
  • Usage: Worldwide. Live performances at Arcadia Spectacular festival in Perth, Australia. Future Glastonbury and worldwide festival appearances, plus online promotional videos.
  • Deadline to complete: 3 Days. Vocal sent to us on Monday afternoon, with the final master required that Thursday morning.

Track title: Yallor Keeninyara

Artist: The Whudjuk Noongar & iLL AUDiO

Produced and composed by: Rob Blake aka iLL AUDiO