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Frequently asked questions:


How can I use this music?

Asset packs purchased from MNUMNTL can be used for interactive media as an integral part of a final product. Purchasing a pack gives one user our Developer Licence to incorporate the music in as many apps or games as they want, with no further payment made to MNUMNTL untill the product has sold more than 20,000 units in total.

MNUMNTL asset packs, with our Developer Licence, offer an inexpensive solution that allows you to legally add professionally composed music to your multimedia works in the development stages, helping you to gain more clients, find investment and build your audience.

All our asset packs are DRM free (not content ID registered) so you do not have to worry about content ID claims on YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook live.

How do I download my purchase?

As soon as you make a purchase, the order details with the download link will be sent to your email. Please check your ‘Junk’ or ‘Spam’ mail if you do not receive, it may have gone there.

You should receive the email within minutes if you did not receive the email with the download link within 10  minutes, please contact us at

If you registered an account with us, you can also download the files from your account.

Are payments made on the MNUMNTL website secure?

Yes, all payments on our website are made via PayPal using woocommerce, a secure and trusted payment method.

How long do downloads take?

A fast computer with a fast network will take roughly 1 hour to download (5.6GB) worth of files successfully. On slower computers or 3G networks, a 5.6GB file download may not even start, and even a 1GB file will take a significant amount of time to download. We suggest a max of 2-3GB file size per download for normal internet connections.

For convenience and speed of download, our packs are currently split into max 500mb ZIP files.

What file format are the tracks I am purchasing?

We deliver all our audio files in .wav format, stereo (uncompressed lossless audio) in either 16 bit 44.1Khz or 24bit 48kHz depending on the pack purchased.

Can I preview how the music loops with my visuals before I purchase?

Yes, all our watermarked previews are in the ogg format. E-mail us at and let us know what track(s) you want to test. The simply head over to this website and click on the loop button before hitting play.

Can I modify the content that I purchase?

Yes you may. We sell adaptive asset packs, which means the music is meant to be configured specifically for your project and play in a multidude of different ways. However, no matter how the music is arranged or modified, the copyright still belongs to MNUMNTL.

As such, copying, redistribution and resale of the modified content is not allowed outside of being imbedded in an interactive media product such as an app or game.

Sampling, re-recording, resale and broadcast of the music in its raw format, in any form outside of the usage defined in our terms, is strictly prohibitied and is a copyright infringement.

Full terms available here

Do you ship physical MNUMNTL products?

All MNUMNTL products are currently downloadable products only. Once the purchase is made, you will be redirected to a download page, and the download link will be sent to your email.

We will make vinyl and other physical products from time to time in the future when there is sufficient demand for it. If thats something you would like to see drop us an email, or subscribe to our mailing list, and we will keep you updated.

Do I need to credit MNUMTNL if I use any of your assets in my projects?

We certainly would appreciate it wherever possible. Also if you can tag @mnumntl on any social media posts so we can see where our music is being used, and share what we love, that would also be great!

Does MNUMNTL offer music composition and sound design services for hire?

Yes. If you have a project that requires custom music or sound design, we offer music and sound design services for games, film, trailers, media, and television. Depending on the genre, our starting rate for music is from GBP £500 per minute. The rates for sound effects range from GBP£30 – 80 per SFX. For more inquiries and detailed rates, please write to us at

How do I implement adaptive audio in my projects?

The music we provide on MNUMNTL is designed to be used as adaptive audio inside a game engine. However, we do not provide the audio engine code to integrate it in your project as there are so many ways to do this, and it really depends on what you are building.

We suggest familiarizing yourself with Unreal Engine, Unity, Fmod, Wwise etc for further tutorials and advice.

Our own game engine plugin is currently being built, and we will be able to reveal this later in the year.

What currency does MNUMNTL use?

All prices on the MNUMNTL store are in GBP (Pound Sterling). Assets sold by our affiliates Unity and Unreal Engine are in USD (United States Dollar).


Can I use a 'Developer licence' in a video game trailer to promote my game on social media (Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook ETC)?

No, our developer licence is to be used in the game or app only. To promote your game using our music, please purchase the approriate Online Video License (YouTube/Web.. etc) by contacting us at
Posting a gameplay recording on online platforms and social media is allowed only when the music is recorded straight from the game itself together with the game’s sound effects and player interaction. Adding the music over any video afterward counts as useage outside of our terms as it is not embedded in the game code.

Can I use music from the same pack in different projects?

Yes, the music can be used in as many product as you want. No further payment is due to us untill you surpase a total of 20,000 (20K) unit sales on an individual product. At this point, you can either pay MNUMNTL 5% of all following gross income, purchase a yearly licence, or buy a worldwide licence in perpetuity.

Buy purchasing an asset pack from MNUMNTL, you agree to our terms, which are explained in full here.


Can I use MNUMNTL music in a stand-alone music track or perform it?

Not with the ‘Developer License‘ that you recieve with the purchase of an asset pack. You may not use music as either a stand-alone music track or for any type performance as our Developer License exclusively covers synchronization in interactive media productions only (games, apps, interactive 3d client visualisations etc).

For example:

Adding lyrics or editing our music into an audio track and selling it on iTunes or performing it is a copyright infringement.

Sampling (taking a small portion of the music) and adding it to another seperate track, and releasing that (i.e on spotify) is a copyright infringement.

Performance – using the music during a live presentation to an audience of over 1000 people, where the music is not embedded in the final product for demonstration purposes, is a licence infringement.

For all uses outside of interactive media please contact and we can advise.

What do you mean by single user?

Single-user means we grant one user the right to use our music Asset Pack. It grants one user the right to use the Asset Pack on one workstation at a time, although the Licensee is permitted to make and keep backup copies of the Asset Pack on other storage devices.

Do I need to fill in a cue sheet?

You will only need a cue-sheet when you are using music for a production that is to be publicly performed on a television network, radio station, theatrical release (e.g. films or videos). The cue-sheet is usually prepared by producers or the licensor of the production.

Please remember to fill in the detailed listing of each piece of music used. Include the names of the music composer, the type of usage of the music, the length of the music, and the title of each music track on the cue-sheet.

View more details of the cue-sheet. Meta data for all tracks is provided in the asset pack, so please refer to this for all codes and correct track titles.

Also remember that a publicly performed or broadcast performance of the music requires a seperate sync licence agreement, so this will need to be obtained from MNUMNTL before anything goes to air.

All our music is fingerprinted using Tunesat, and all broadcast performances worldwide on all major networks get flagged and recorded. A 3 second (3s) sample is enough to trigger the system. Failure to have a licence agreement in place is a copyright infringement.

Contact for all enquiries regarding this.

When and how do I upgrade the licence purchased?

Once an individual end user product has sold more than 20,000 units, it is time to upgrade your licence.

You can either purchase a license to cover 1 year of sales, pay 5% of gross revenue from that point, or buy a licence that covers the use in perpetuity (forever)

You must keep accurate books and records of all sales of you end user projects, that can be inspected by MNUMNTL by written request. When a product goes on sale using MNUMNTL assets, you must inform MNUMNTL via and report sales to us quarterly.

Does the music I buy belong to me?

No, you do not own the music you purchase. The copyright to the music remains the property of MNUMNTL/the composer. Purchasing a license only allows you to use the music for your projects and purposes in accordance with the license agreement.

Can I purchase the music on behalf of a client as I am a freelancer?

Yes, you can, the license will then belong to your client and the license terms still apply depending on the license purchased.

Can I use a MNUMNTL asset as an element of my logo or branding?

No. None of our music/SFXs can be used in logos or be trademarked. If you would like use it in a logo, please write to us at


Can I purchase even if I don't have a paypal account?

Yes, absolutely. Paypal allows you to use almost any credit card to process your transaction, even if you don’t have a Paypal account. On the PayPal checkout page, click on the second option to check out with a credit card.

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