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MNUMNTL – Lowrider Anthems Vol1

Album meta data links –

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For any issues with the asset pack please contact and we will assist as soon as possible.


Music purchased at Unreal Engine Marketplace and Unity 3d Marketplace:

Music from these stores is DRM free and the licence for use falls under their standard EULA terms and conditions. For full details on these see the following links –

Unreal Engine  EULA

Unity 3d EULA

Once purchased, this content is free to use in the development of your games and apps without restriction. The packs do not have the full range and depth of the MNUMNTL catalog, but give you a good sample of the work we create.

When you use this content, we would love to know what it is being used for, so please send links to any apps or games using these assets so we can check them out.

If you need more depth and variations, then we have further packs being developed that will be available shortly. Subscribe to our email list here for all the latest updates.

We welcome all feedback. Any suggestions on improvements and enhancements will be taken on board, so please let us know your thoughts on our products and we will endeavor to make them as awesome as possible.


MNUMNTL (pronounced Monumental) is a music catalog created specifically for games developers. We make adaptive audio asset packs that are designed to be intuitive, offering a huge range of dynamic variation, produced with the latest cutting edge techniques, utilising a team that is actively composing for worldwide brands and major label artists.

We own both master and publishing rights to our catalog, so can offer incredibly flexible and competitive licences on our music that work within your budget.

Creating apps and games is an expensive,  time consuming and labour intensive process. Our standard licence allows for you the developer to use our music royalty free in your app or game until a certain threshold of gross sales revenue has been earned. At that point, you can either pay us a percentage of revenue (typically 5% gross sales) or purchase an exclusive licence for use in perpetuity.

The catalog is DRM free, so there will be no copyright claims or take down orders on your youtube videos or twitch streams. If the music is being played in the background of your game while the video is being broadcast – no problem. All we ask is that credit is given where ever possible – ‘music by MNUMNTL‘. In the instance of content beings broadcast, we ask that the cue sheets are correctly filled out with corresponding Tune Code and ISRC/IRWC numbers so that all performance royalties earned are paid to the correct rights holders. Full meta data is included with every asset pack to assist with this.


Paid advertising campaigns.

This can be in the form of traditional TV  and cinema advertising, national FM and digital DAB radio spots, online facebook adds, instagram adds, youtube and google adds etc etc. If it is a paid advertising spot that you wish to use MNUMNTL music for, then a seperate licence will be required. The cost of the licence is a sliding scale relative to the territorys covered and the length of the campaign. For our standard rate card, please enquire.

Live Performances

Where MNUMNTL music is an integral part to a live presentation or performance to an audience of over 1000 people, a live performance licence will be required per show. For details, please contact via email.


Re-recordings and commercial releases

If you wish to sample an element from MNUMNTL, re-record a track, or release it commercially in anyway, then you will have to get our permission beforehand.

If in doubt, feel free to contact via the contact form and our team will be happy to help out with any enquiries you may have.


Our exclusive adaptive music engine is currently being developed for use with all MNUMNTL products.  Full details to follow shortly.


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Adaptive, immersive music created for games developers, visual media, and live events.

We own 100% of all our master and publishing rights.

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